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by Webmaster, 22nd January 2019

Felt art by Sue Powell (Pebbles in the Sand), Ceredigion

Originally from Yorkshire, Sue moved to the Cambrian Mountains, a stone’s throw from Cardigan Bay, in 2011 where she lives on a smallholding with her husband Brian. A former primary school teacher, Sue now works as a felt and driftwood artist, selling online and via local galleries and events.


“This was inspired by my memorable trip to Skomer. The sun shone and the island was awash with bluebells and puffins.”



“The ringed plover is one of those coastal birds you often find in groups. I love the way they launch little dashes into the sea and then back up the beach, just as we’ve all done as kids. When I go up to Aberystwyth I can’t resist seeking out these little birds, which can often be found with their friends near the pier. It’s their movement I love – and I hope I’ve managed to capture it here.”



“Welsh sheep are such a hardy breed, oblivious to the wind and the rain, all wrapped up in their woolly coats. When their minds are set on reaching a certain patch of grass, no matter how high up, they seem absolutely fearless. It makes me worry when I see them on a cliff edge like that. If I’m doing a picture of a sheep, I like them to be really woolly so I pull out a few curly wool locks to give extra texture. This is Llanon, near Aberystwyth, a favourite haunt of mine, and one of the nearest beaches to us. It’s a pebble beach which is time-consuming in felt as every little pebble has to be hand rolled.”



“Actually gannets are really popular with my customers, almost as popular as puffi ns. I think it’s probably due to their mischievous characters. From Skomer you can see the island of Grassholm and it appears totally white. That’s because it’s home to over 39,000 pairs of gannets who are all packed close together. They’re colourful characters and their painted faces and beady eyes give the impression they’re up to no good.”


Scroll down for more examples of Sue’s work…


To see more of Sue’s work, and to get in touch, visit www.pebblesinthesand.co.uk


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