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by Webmaster, 19th February 2019

Paintings by Audrey Johns, Pembrokeshire

Originally from Essex, Audrey moved to Pembrokeshire 50 years ago. After a career in graphic art, she started up a soft furnishings business. Upon retiring, Audrey studied art at Carmarthen’s Coleg Sir Gar and now paints full time from her studio near her home in Neyland.



“This is based on Abercastle, which has a peppering of cottages going down to the beach on a little, very windy road.”



“Locals call this spot outside the front of the pub ‘The Griffin wall’ because in the summertime it has people standing on it, sitting on it, and it has glasses of beer balanced across the top… Not many people know it’s officially called Brig Quay. If you walk along the beach and look back, there’s a little row of cottages, restored and painted in pastels. I’ve brightened them up, using stronger colours, but have tried to include their original features, such as the windows, doors and rooftops.”



“This is inspired by a scene on Newgale Beach. One evening last summer I was driving back from St Davids and, looking from the top of the hill down onto the beach, I could see a crowd of people kitesurfing. There were six to eight kites, all different colours but going the same way, with the wind. The sea was blue, the sky was blue and there were all these beautiful colours – a simple scene but one of those wonderful images that stays with you.”



“This is a cartoon of a small dinghy with all its sails up on a nice, breezy day. We gets lots of enthusiastic dinghy sailing around here, so this painting is inspired by what I see all the time, rather than by one particular boat. The picture captures, I hope, the enthusiasm of the race.”



“Inspired by a scene in Newport, near Fishguard, this painting is a fusion of different ideas from similar quayside scenes. I was quite enchanted by the little stone buildings there used by fishermen to store their nets and ropes. I needed something on which to focus the moonlight, so added the lighthouse – an example of artistic licence.”


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For more information

• To see more of Audrey’s work visit her website at: www.audreyjohns.co.uk

• You can see Audrey’s work on show all year round at The Courtyard Gallery, Hilton Court and she has an exhibition at St Davids Cathedral from 22nd May til 4th June.


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