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by Webmaster, 19th February 2019

Landscape photography by Chris Wain, Black Key Photography, Powys

Born in Zambia, Chris moved to Mid Wales with his family when he was a child and now lives in Berriew, near Welshpool. He’s just set up a landscape photography business and hopes to realise his dream of making a living from his passion.


Above: Clywedog Dam

“Attending school in Newtown, you learn the importance of the Clywedog Dam to the area; it’s somewhere you often visit on school trips. Although a huge structure, it’s still small in comparison to the rolling hills and Mid Wales forests that envelop it.”


Evening reflections, Llyn Clywedog

“This photo makes me laugh; in front of the lens it’s beautifully calm and still, but behind the camera it’s another story altogether. Any time I stood still to take a photo or change settings, I was getting eaten alive by midges. So there was a lot of dancing around going on behind the scenes. I’d been waiting for a still evening and nice light for ages and neither seemed likely. But I sat and waited and what was a miserable cloudy day ended with a beautiful still lake and lovely reflections of the sky above.”


A lovely place to grow up...

“Shropshire’s Stiperstones is a place I visit often. This photo was taken during spring, and I really wanted to include the lambs because when you grow up in Mid Wales seeing those first lambs of the season represents hope winter’s coming to an end. Lucky for me, they stopped for a rest with the summit and views in the background, and were as interested in me as I was in them.”


Just as the sun appears, Montgomery Castle

“My aim for this shot was to capture a time-lapse of the sun rising behind the castle. I knew where the sun would appear, having checked it the day before, then got into position to take this photograph just as the sun came up.”


Pistyll Rhaeadr

“This is a must-see if you’re ever in the area. I’d wanted a chance to capture the waterfall, both with the water frozen and with a long exposure shot, for a while, but the times I’d visited before it had been too busy. This time however, there were only a couple of other people around. It isn’t the easiest of waterfalls to photograph; because of the height and the fact it’s quite closed in, there are limited options for capturing the whole waterfall unobscured by trees.”


More information

• To see more of Chris’ work visit www.blackkeyphotography.com


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