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by Webmaster, 19th March 2019

Illustrations by Claire Vaughan Designs, Vowchurch Common, near Hereford

Originally from Wiltshire, Claire moved with her husband David to Vowchurch Common six years ago. A former bookbinder and archaeologist, she now runs Claire Vaughan Designs. Her nature-inspired illustrations are available as prints, or on homewares, from shops UK-wide, events or online, and she accepts commissions.


Above: Emperor Moth

“A centrepiece for our stand at last year’s Hay Festival, this very detailed illustration required great concentration!”


Red Grouse

“This fellow was a commission for Natural England for one of their Shropshire sites – the Stiperstones National Nature Reserve. They have four iconic species up there, and they asked me to create some products depicting them. The red grouse was actually the very first bird I illustrated. I’m totally an insect lady, so when I was first asked to do a bird I did wonder how I’d find it, but I thoroughly enjoyed drawing the grouse and have done many other birds since.”



“These coasters, which feature illustrations of the holly blue butterfly, white-tailed bumblebees, poppy seed heads and the golden-ringed dragonfly, are made in the UK from recycled glass. We really care about recycling and keeping our carbon footprint small. Everything is British and we use recycled or recyclable products wherever we can. We were out in our garden last year and found a bird’s nest with plastic in it – it broke my heart. We live in the middle of nowhere, but even somewhere as remote as this there’s plastic polluting the countryside.”


Peacock Butterfly Jug

“This was my first butterfly illustration and, having done the emperor moth, the peacock was relatively easy. Butterfly shapes are so different to anything else, and the colouring, with the dusky red and the blue, is wonderful – a pleasure to draw. There are a lot of butterflies we don’t see very often, like the comma, but the peacock is an iconic species most of us have in our gardens.”


Blue Tit

“To create a contrast with the eyecatching blue tit, I depicted him on a simple teasel head. While insects will always be my biggest love, I have a new-found passion for our garden birds. I knew nothing about them before moving here, but now I’ve got binoculars on the windowsill, and a sketchbook close at hand.”


White-tailed bumblebee

“People are very aware of the decline of the bees and how much we need them – and this illustration of mine, which is available on stationery, textiles and ceramics, has got quite a fan club. I don’t know if it’s because he’s detailed or fluffy, but he’s my most popular work.”


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