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by Webmaster, 21st May 2019

Mixed media landscapes by Dawn Fisher, Swansea

Originally from Surrey, Dawn lives in Loughor with her Welsh husband Robert. A former art teacher with a degree in Graphic Design, Dawn retired last summer and now paints full-time. Her pictures are available as cards, prints or on mugs and tea towels.

Above: Barafundle Bay

“I like to make my paintings instantly recognisable which is why I chose this viewpoint including the iconic stone archway.”



“This was somewhere I discovered last year, during the long, hot summer, for a show I was doing in Dale with the Pembrokeshire Craftmakers. We wanted to see some new places, and Little Haven isn’t far from Dale. We had a picnic on the beach and I took some photographs to work from. This is a very well-known view, and for me the scene evokes a perfect summer’s day.”



“My son and his wife were down for the weekend with their firstborn, who was just six months old. It was a hot August day and we walked along the top of Caswell Bay to Langland Bay and back again. I saw this grandfather with his grandson, and loved the scene and the way the shadows were falling – it perfectly conveyed the family atmosphere I wanted to capture. I used ‘ice cream’ colours to emphasise the summer feel.”



I “I love Three Cliffs Bay and chose this particular perspective – probably the classic view – because it’s where my son had his wedding photographs taken. The scale of the place is incredible. The sea cliffs loom out of the sand, the one side almost sheer, the other side rounded. I like this painting as it shows the whole panorama, with the sand dunes and the tracing of pathways over them.”



“My son and his wife got married at the Oxwich Bay Hotel in 2014, so I painted this in memory of the wedding. Because I wanted to get quite a few elements into the picture, including the marquee, the hotel and the little church in the woods, I condensed the scene. Oxwich Bay is a great subject as it’s such a beautiful place – though this picture is very stylised.”


Scroll down to see more examples of Dawn’s work…


• To see more of Dawn’s work visit her website at: www.dawnfisherart.uk


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