Courage and compassion

Education is the key to long term success and happiness, as explained here by one of the top private schools in the country

by Webmaster, 6th January 2022

Education is the key to long term success and happiness, as explained here by one of the top private schools in the country

Abbey Gate College, located in the historic Saighton Grange and Aldford Village in Cheshire, is an independent school for pupils aged four to 18 years and is surrounded by beautiful grounds and modern facilities. 

The college is a unique, inspiring and memorable place to learn and grow; the school of first choice for families who seek a personalised, caring and safe educational environment. This is coupled with excellent curricular and co-curricular provision and a commitment to preserve, protect and progress the world we all share, helping your child fulfil their potential. Offering a safe and friendly school community where we work with each child's individual interests, passions and strengths, we also encourage them to try new things, take risks, to be creative and have the self-belief to go forward into this changeable world with courage and with compassion.

Our original college motto references courage, quoting Virgil, as does the Duke of Westminster’s crest, which is carved into the brickwork of the college’s historic buildings.

It takes courage to be who we are; it takes courage to have principles; it takes courage to take a stand; it takes courage to accept our responsibilities; it takes courage to persevere; it takes courage to acknowledge our self-worth; it takes courage to make a difference. 

If this courage is complemented by compassion, both for us, for other people, for animals, and for the planet; then it is likely that our actions will be of long-term benefit.

The pandemic has shaken the world and things that we all took for granted, we take for granted no more. Things we thought we could rely upon, expectations of life that we may have; everything has now been mixed with doubt, uncertainty, and questions. 

For children, teenagers and young adults, news headlines do not make for reassuring bed-time stories. Naturally, anxieties are heightened. 

But if we choose to give dominance to worrisome and fearful thoughts, they will consume us. We owe it, therefore, to our pupils to show them a way forward, with purpose, with courage, and with compassion.

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