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by Webmaster, 20th November 2018

Paintings by Dawn Morgan, Carmarthenshire

A self-employed copywriter, who paints and pens poetry whenever she can, Dawn is inspired by the colours and moods of West Wales: a place she’s loved since childhood. She settled in Carmarthenshire 17 years ago and lives in Pontyberem with her husband Derek. 


Above: Tenby Harbour Winter’s Evening

“This is one of four paintings commissioned by the Nolan Charity Fund for their Christmas cards. I looked at photographs to inspire me but the scene is an invention.”



“Presipe Bay is one of my favourite beaches – slightly hidden away and not easily accessible. This painting was based on photos taken by my husband after the 2014 storms. The sand was gouged away by the waves that winter, revealing a layer of darker pink at the base of the rocks. The beach is back to normal now, but still has an other-worldly feel about it. This painting was always about the colour and architecture of the pink rocks. One of the magical things about this beach is the way the geology has tipped over on its side and the rocks are flaking away into the sea like wafers.”



“I’m a great admirer of a pastel painter called Les Darlow, who posts YouTube videos of himself at work. He creates moody seascapes and cloud formations in minutes, making it look effortless. I wanted to convey the same mood using a Pembrokeshire beach. I chose Barafundle because the beach is usually depicted on a sunny day with sugary sand and limpid sea, but I wanted to produce a more dramatic image. I used various photographs of waves and sky as a starting point, then created an imaginary scene based on the geology of the bay. I used chalk pastels on blue paper – and it certainly wasn’t effortless. It took about 12 hours and my fingertips were sore from blending the pastels!”



“This is one of a series of paintings based on photographs taken by my cousin, Rod Smith, whose father (my uncle), lives at St Ishmaels near Marloes. I met Rod and his family for the first time in early 2018, just after my father died, and on the same day I was offered an exhibition at Picton Castle. Rod’s photos of Pembrokeshire inspired several of the paintings in that show.”



“In this painting I wanted to convey a mood of solitariness: being alone in a cottage at night, with only the sea for company. It was partly inspired by a poem by Sabrina Benaim. The composition is based on photographs I took of Pinch Cottage during daylight. However, I moved the cottage onto the beach side of the road, then I added a midnight blue sky and moonlight. That’s why it’s called ‘imaginary night’: the scene doesn’t exist in reality. I used several layers of blue, starting with a very dark matt, and then adding lighter blue glazes. Although the original inspiration was quite melancholy, I find the brightness of the final painting cheering.”



“My cousin, Rod, happened to be on Marloes Sands during a break in the filming of Snow White and the Huntsman and he managed to snap several actors with their horses waiting in the surf. I chose just one knight on horseback to paint, as he was positioned in a way that made the wave behind him look enormous: a fairytale wave. I think the painting has a flattened outlook, making it a pattern of rocks, sea and horse.”


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To see more of Dawn’s paintings, visit art-dawn.co.uk



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