Preseli stones were likely moved over land

by Webmaster, 21st February 2019

New study suggests they were dragged or carried 140 miles to Stonehenge from the Pembrokeshire hills

Archaeologists are slowly uncovering the mysteries behind the astonishing prehistoric feat of lugging 42 giant bluestones 140 miles from Pembrokeshire to the site of Stonehenge in the Salisbury Plain.

One question has always been whether they were transported by land or sea, and new findings suggest it's increasingly likely to be the former. The source of the stones has been traced to two quarries on the north side of the Preseli Hills, making it an even more arduous undertaking by water than previously thought.

The bluestones were believed to have arrived at the monument at around 2400BC, whereas quarrying in Pembrokeshire is thought to have taken place 500 years before this, suggesting the stones were used for something else prior to being taken to Stonehenge.

Archaeologists now think Stonehenge may have been built to unify two cultures across southern Britain.


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