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by Webmaster, 18th June 2019

Landscape paintings by Lizzie Tobin, Pembrokeshire

Originally from Newcastle, Lizzie lived in Spain, where she worked as an English teacher, for 20 years. She moved to Pembrokeshire in 2017 and now lives in Tenby where she works full-time as an artist, exhibiting and selling prints.

Above: North Beach Tenby

“In this painting I was moving more towards abstraction. I like using the contrasting colours of yellow and blue – they’re very appealing.”



“This was one of the first paintings in my series on Tenby. The colours of the houses are just lovely – though I have exaggerated them a bit, and made them brighter, for effect. I wanted to portray an image of the harbour that’s a bit different to the usual perspective depicted. As an artist I think you have to interpret what you see rather than just painting what everyone else does.”



“Last summer, not long after moving to Tenby, I took lots of photographs of North Beach, and this painting was done from one of my close-ups. Again, I’ve used bold, contrasting colours and I’ve also exaggerated the woman’s shape somewhat but as you can’t tell who she is, no one will take offence!”



“I’ve just realised how often I use blue and yellow together in my paintings! Someone told me this picture reminded them of a place called Las Canteras in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. I took the original photograph at night and tried to capture the lights and their refl ections in the water. I like the abstract shapes, especially those of the lights along the promenade – I think it works.”



“This is one of my favourites. I tried to do something more detailed and realistic than is my usual style, to capture the essence of the harbour when it’s not a sunny day. While I’ve included details such as windows and chimneys, the houses are skew-whiff. I really like this view and can see why so many artists are inspired by it.”


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For more information

• To see more of Lizzie’s work visit her website at www.lizzietobinartist.co.uk

• Lizzie has an exhibition in August in Stackpole Walled Gardens or you can visit her studio in Tenby on Saturdays 10am-4pm or by appointment. Tel: 07551 775222.


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