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by Webmaster, 7th April 2020

Myddleton College in North Wales are utilising the aptly-named world wide web to keep in touch with pupils from around the globe 

Schools may be closed all over the UK, but thanks to an online classroom created by Myddleton College in Denbigh, students won’t miss out on valuable lessons. 

With pupils from China, Russia, Germany and Nigeria, as well as many from Wales and England, the internet has allowed teachers and pupils to stay in touch during the lockdown. 

“We're running our normal timetable for every year group with six lessons a day, starting at 9am, each of them delivered via a video call on Microsoft Teams, where they connect with the teacher and students in the class,” says Headmaster Andrew Allman. 

“The teacher can see everyone in the class, so knows who is there and can speak to them and communicate in writing.

“Every lesson is available online so pupils in China with an eight-hour time difference can log in and gain access at a time appropriate to them.

Thirteen-year-old Lili Tetley Young (pictured above with Mum Mary) is a year-nine student from the Vale of Clwyd and the recent good weather has meant she has even been able to attend lessons outside.

“It’s been very good and it’s kept our routine the same along with the timetable as if we were in school," says Lili. “You can have lessons anywhere you want. Yesterday it was sunny and warm and I sat outside in the garden for some the lessons.”

Mary is also delighted with the way the system has worked. “It means Lili is there at nine ‘o’clock every morning for her first lesson and they can see the teacher and interact with the class and get instant feedback," she says.

“It’s been really important for them because they’re at crucial stages of their lives and being able to have this routine and be in contact with their friends is really important for their mental well-being.” www.myddeltoncollege.com


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