November issue shelf-life extended

by Webmaster, 22nd October 2020

As Wales experiences Lockdown 2.0, we're extending the on-sale period of our 200th issue

In response to the Welsh Government placing the country under lockdown from 6pm on Friday 23rd October, Border Publishing is pleased to confirm that the November issue of Welsh Border Life / Welsh Coastal Life will still be going on sale week commencing 26th October as planned. Subscribers will also receive their copies in the post as per usual.

The vast majority of outlets selling the magazine will remain open during the two-week lockdown, which doesn't affect the English Border. But to counter the small effect that the forced closure of some outlets in Wales may have on both availability of the magazine and exposure for advertisers, the on-sale period of the November issue has been extended. This issue - which we're proud to say is our 200th issue - will now remain on sale until week commencing 30th November - an on-sale period of five weeks.

Our ever-popular Christmas issue will now go on sale that same week, commencing 30th November, but there will be no impact on its shelf-life, as this will be adjusted accordingly also.

"This is understandably a difficult period for all businesses throughout Wales and the Borders, but we're determined to do all we can to ensure our readers and advertisers aren't short-changed in any way," says Border Publishing director Howard Gudgeon.

"Obviously, the lockdown in March was a great shock for everyone, and caused considerable disruption. It was unavoidable then, of course, but we don't intend to allow that to happen again. Not without putting up a fight.

"With offices in both England and Wales, and most of our staff now working from home, we're well-placed to ride this out and continue to offer a quality magazine for our readers to enjoy and our advertisers to publicise their products and services in."


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