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Talented Herefordshire opera singer reveals hidden talents

by Pru Allison, 27th August 2021

Talented Herefordshire opera singer reveals artistic talents

Opera fans might already be familiar with tenor Ian Storey who recently performed ‘A Night At The Opera’ on Llantrisant Castle Green. What you might not realise though is that Ian is also a talented woodworker, creating a sumptuous range of bowls, pots, vases and more from his home workshop.

Pictured above is a Yew vase, designed to take a few dry twigs as embellishment. 

“It was while I was making this piece that I discovered the close parallels with my opera work,” says Ian, pictured below. “Two artistic worlds collided. I spoke with a pro artistic turner about this piece of wood. He said that he wouldn’t attempt it as it would probably end up in bits on the workshop floor.

"It was certainly a challenge and fraught with danger! It was the fifth piece I made on the lathe after not turning for 32 years. My skills, thankfully, were not as rusty as some of the tools. I started by cutting off what would be waste, then started turning. The fluidity of the turning process and changing form and line are the same as rehearsing an opera. Learning and discovering new information as you work. The finishing of the piece is the performance.

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