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You can now own an Aga guilt free, thanks to an innovative new ecological system

by Webmaster, 16th December 2021

You can now own an Aga guilt free, thanks to an innovative new ecological system

Aga owners often say their colourful ranges make their home feel warm and welcoming and are like another much loved member of the family. Invented in the 1920's by a Swedish Inventor called Gustav Dalen and originally run on solid fuel, Agas were developed further to run on oil, gas and most recently 13 amp electric.

Yet one of the downsides of owning an Aga is the high running costs, which also means they are not as environmentally friendly as other alternatives. 

Fortunately there’s now a new solution. Westbrook Cookers, a company with 25 year’s experience in the Aga renovating trade, now specialise in producing environmentally friendly range cookers using an Electrikit system. This controls the weekly spend and can reduce the running costs of oil, gas and electric to an average running costs of £7 to £9 per week, rather than the average £20 a week.

There are also other advantages as the top roasting oven is digitally controlled, meaning the cook can dial up the required temperature to either bake a cake or cook a roast. 

While the bottom oven runs on 70 percent of the top oven temperature, thus creating a 'slow cooker' where casseroles can be cooked slowly all day. 

A typical price of a fully renovated two oven Aga with an Electrikit burner is £5,500 and this includes delivery and fitting. A four oven is priced at £6,500. Three oven models are slowly becoming available. And it is also possible to convert existing Agas in situ, costing from £3,000. The Aga is converted in a day with minimum disruption in the kitchen.

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