Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, North Wales

by Webmaster, 22nd December 2017

Why this amazing structure made our bucket list of the 20 must-sees of the Welsh Borders

If you have a head for heights and are prone to being blown away (not literally) by striking architecture, then head to this remarkable structure over the River Dee and see why it’s one of the region’s box office attractions. 

A World Heritage Site attracting countless tourists every year, it’s the highest (38 metres) navigable aqueduct on the planet, with a narrow canal and a walkway to one side (and, thankfully, a handrail!). 

Don’t miss the February 2018 issue of Welsh Border Life magazine for a lovely winter’s stroll to this awe-inspiring aqueduct in our Architecture Walks.

And to see our bucket list of the 20 must-sees on the Welsh Borders, get hold of our January 2018 issue.

Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, Trevor Basin, Trevor LL20 7TY. pontcysyllte-aqueduct.co.uk


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