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Britain is beginning to bloom with blossom so make the most of it and spread the joy via social media

by Webmaster, 29th April 2021

Britain is beginning to bloom with blossom so make the most of it and spread the joy via social media

After a tough winter, the sight of delicate pink and white blossom lifts the spirits and resembles hope for a better year ahead. And to celebrate this stunning spring phenomenon, the National Trust have launched their second Blossom Watch campaign, encouraging people to share images of trees on social media.   

The idea came from Japan’s Hanami; the ancient tradition of viewing and celebrating blossom. 

The charity piloted #BlossomWatch last year when the country had just entered lockdown and it was so successful, with thousands of photos uploaded, that the Trust is now making it an annual tradition. 

“We’re hopeful that 2021 will provide us with a bountiful display of blossom across our gardens and parklands,” says Iain Carter, the National Trust’s countryside manager in Herefordshire. “The emergence of the blossom is such an important milestone for us, a real indicator that change is taking place and that brighter days are ahead. 

“Hedgerow blossom typically kicks off the season with the tiny white, frothy blackthorn flowers crisscrossing the countryside before tree blossom like magnolias start to unfurl. Then the many varieties of delicately coloured fruit tree blossom take it in turns to bloom – from plum and damson to cherry and apple – before the finale of the white hawthorn coming into flower.

“We’d encourage everyone to get outdoors, safely enjoy the blossom where they live and share their experiences with others.” 

A growing body of evidence suggests that moments each day noticing nature are vital for wellbeing and further evidence also suggests that people derive many of the benefits from online engagement. Therefore, the Trust is asking people to turn social media pink, white and green over the coming weeks, to mark one of nature’s greatest spectacles.  

To get involved simply share photos via Twitter at #BlossomWatch 

The Trust is also launching a blossom map this year to record sightings across the country. For further information visit 


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