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Fire up your imagination and learn all about ceramic art at The Claypit in Shropshire

by Catherine Waterfall, 26th June 2023

Fire up your imagination and learn all about ceramic art at The Claypit in Shropshire

Let’s be honest, most of us associate clay and a potter’s wheel with a rather raunchy movie scene involving Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze. But working with clay can be a very therapeutic and creative process.

Experienced ceramic artist Rachel Swift (pictured above, left) has a real passion for the art-form and wants to introduce it to as many people as possible via her new business, The Claypit, in Oswestry, Shropshire.

From her relaxed and friendly studio she offers adult taster classes and courses to suit all abilities, from complete beginner to those with existing clay skills.

Participants have the opportunity to make their own mugs and bowls, as well as artistic sculptures and fine works of art.

Clay creations can be made either on a potter’s wheels or by hand, after which the work is fired to over 1000°C in a professional, on-site kiln. You’ll then be left with a finished ceramic piece to take home and cherish.

If you get a real taste for things, The Claypit will soon be offering a membership scheme for those who want to work independently with clay, allowing members to use the facilities alongside other like-minded creatives.

Rachel has been working with clay and ceramics for over 30 years and worked at the British Museum specialising in conserving and restoring ancient and modern pieces from all over the world.

She’s also exhibited her own ceramic work across the UK, worked behind the scenes on major exhibitions and spent many summers on archaeological excavations.

“At The Claypit people share the joy, successes and mishaps of creating with clay in a welcoming, supportive environment,” Rachel enthuses.

“Working with clay has so many benefits. It encourages mindfulness and can be thrilling and joyful. Plus, there are no boundaries in terms of who can do it. Clay is for everyone.”

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