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by Webmaster, 19th November 2019

Prints and paintings by Valerie Greeley, Cheshire

Born in Lancashire, Valerie studied textile design at Manchester School of Art and Design before becoming a freelance illustrator. Her work features in ceramics, textiles, stationery and books, and clients include Penguin and WWF. A mother and grandmother, she lives in Cheshire with husband Tony and their Jack Russell, Stanley.


Above: Robin’s Tribute

“Although this children’s book illustration is a snowy scene, I exaggerated the red of the robin, the scarlet berries and the orange sun for a sense of warmth.”


Misty Morning Hare

“As a child, I remember seeing German artist Albrecht Dùˆrer’s painting ‘Young Hare’ and being really taken with it. I’ve loved hares ever since and it’s sad they’re now quite threatened. I’m a member of the Royal Miniature Society and painted this as a miniature originally, but it’s now available as a greetings card.”


Peace on Earth

“Another illustration, this time from a collection of poems called Book of Days published by Blackie & Son. It was to illustrate the month of December, and its decorative border of holly, ivy and other foliage is typical of my style.”



“I’m very familiar with robins – in fact I can see one in my garden, perched on a watering can, as we speak. They’re such attractive, appealing birds and in the winter, when the sun’s shining on them, they provide a welcome shot of colour which lifts the heart.”


Blackbird Miniature

“Blackbirds are great favourites of mine, and regular visitors to my garden. I illustrated a poem about Christmas Eve for a book called Can It Be True? The artwork featured dark nights and starry skies, and that project inspired other paintings of mine, such as this one.”


White Hart

“Inspired by a famous work called the Wilton Diptych, I painted this after my mum died, and it was therapeutic. The white hart is an ancient symbol – a creature that travels from one realm into another. Medieval art often has patterning instead of a plain sky – it’s busy but I love it. This is available as a greetings card.”


Winter Fox Trot

“This watercolour was inspired by some nearby fields where we walk our dog. We often glimpse foxes there. I love winter walking in the snow, the subtle colours and the shapes of bare vegetation and seedheads, silhouetted branches of the trees picked out against the sky. Frosted leaves sparkling in winter sunshine lifts the spirits and inspires the soul!”


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